Source code for emu.processes.wps_say_hello

from pywps import Process, LiteralInput, LiteralOutput, UOM
from import Metadata
from pywps.ext_autodoc import MetadataUrl

import logging
LOGGER = logging.getLogger("PYWPS")

[docs] class SayHello(Process): """A nice process saying 'hello'.""" def __init__(self): inputs = [ LiteralInput('name', 'Your name', abstract='Please enter your name.', keywords=['name', 'firstname'], data_type='string')] outputs = [ LiteralOutput('output', 'Output response', abstract='A friendly Hello from us.', keywords=['output', 'result', 'response'], data_type='string')] super(SayHello, self).__init__( self._handler, identifier='hello', title='Say Hello', abstract='Just says a friendly Hello.' 'Returns a literal string output with Hello plus the inputed name.', keywords=['hello', 'demo'], metadata=[ MetadataUrl('User Guide', '', anonymous=True), # noqa Metadata('PyWPS Demo', ''), ], version='1.5', inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, store_supported=True, status_supported=True ) @staticmethod def _handler(request, response): response.update_status('PyWPS Process started.', 0)"say hello") response.outputs['output'].data = 'Hello ' + request.inputs['name'][0].data response.outputs['output'].uom = UOM('unity') response.update_status('PyWPS Process completed.', 100) return response