Source code for emu.processes.wps_ncmeta

import os

from pywps import Process
from pywps import ComplexInput, ComplexOutput, FORMATS, Format
from pywps.inout.basic import SOURCE_TYPE
from pywps.validator.mode import MODE
from pywps.ext_autodoc import MetadataUrl

from netCDF4 import Dataset

import logging
LOGGER = logging.getLogger("PYWPS")


[docs] class NCMeta(Process): """ Notes: Returns metadata of a NetCDF file or OpenDAP resource. """ def __init__(self): inputs = [ ComplexInput('dataset', 'NetCDF Dataset', abstract="{}.nc4".format(TEST_URL), # default="{}.nc4".format(TEST_URL), supported_formats=[FORMATS.NETCDF], min_occurs=0, max_occurs=1, # default_type=SOURCE_TYPE.URL, mode=MODE.STRICT), ComplexInput('dataset_opendap', 'OpenDAP Dataset', abstract=TEST_URL, # default=TEST_URL, supported_formats=[FORMATS.DODS], min_occurs=0, max_occurs=1, # default_type=SOURCE_TYPE.URL, mode=MODE.NONE), ] outputs = [ ComplexOutput('output', 'Metadata', as_reference=True, supported_formats=[FORMATS.TEXT]), ] super(NCMeta, self).__init__( self._handler, identifier='ncmeta', title='Return NetCDF Metadata', abstract="Return metadata from a netCDF dataset, either on file or an OpenDAP service.", version='4', metadata=[ MetadataUrl('User Guide', '', anonymous=True), ], inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, store_supported=True, status_supported=True) def _handler(self, request, response): # TODO: can't set default value for input otherwise I will always get # both dataset and dataset_opendap response.update_status('PyWPS Process started.', 0) if 'dataset_opendap' in request.inputs: inpt = request.inputs['dataset_opendap'][0] resource = inpt.url else: inpt = request.inputs['dataset'][0] resource = inpt.file ds = Dataset(resource) with open(os.path.join(self.workdir, 'out.txt'), "w") as fp: response.outputs['output'].file = fp.write("URL: {}\n\n".format(inpt.url)) fp.write("MIME Type: {}\n\n".format(inpt.data_format.mime_type)) for attr in ds.ncattrs(): fp.write("{}: {}\n\n".format(attr, ds.getncattr(attr))) response.update_status('PyWPS Process completed.', 100) return response